Friday, January 18, 2008

Just pictures

While my sister was here we ran away for a day (from the missionary's workers conference)
and spent the day at a water park just about 2 hours away. It was a blast.!!!
Jonathan really liked the innertube slides, Laney loved the regular slide, so did my sister Charis and I, but we didn't enjoy getting our spine bruised in the process.

Here is Scott screeching down into the pool.

Laney and Jonathan sitting on the rock walk through the "jungle"

Charis brought down these dresses, what fun it was to dress them up. I thought we would go to a friend's wedding but when I realized it wouldn't start until 8, which means 9 as most weddings run very late, I decided to just dress them up at home and take lots of pictures.

Emma sure likes her big sister and
immitates her every time she can
Before Charis left we made sure we took her to
a nice Brazilian restaurant, where the meat
comes to your table straight from the fire on a big roasting bar,

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