Thursday, January 24, 2008


Scott came in today with a victorious step. The work generated during our annual workers conference is almost done. What a busy month. Starting from day one and I am sure through to the end. Scott of course, gets pulled into anything that is technology oriented. This year he worked on a presentation promoting the retirement center for Brazilian missionaries. Showing them what a nice place it is and how they can come and be cared for by the resident nurses. Then he worked hard to finish the mission presentation to have the copies available to those at the conference along with copies of other shows he has made. Then just as he was ready to calm down and enjoy the conference, an hour before it started one of the coordinators showed up at our doorstep and asked if he could film all the meetings for the five day conference. At first he thought he couldn't because he didn't have any blank tapes and they are quite expensive and hard to come by. But then we remembered the tapes he had used for another seminar and that they could be reused since the content had been mastered to DVD. So he spent the next 5 days filming and since then (the 12th) he has been getting those shows mastered to DVD and making copy after copy. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Scott has also started his Bible class for the junior high class. He is enjoying being back into teaching again. He is looking at the possibility of next year cutting back the video work and teaching full time at the school, all their Bible classes. We will see if it works. I have a much lighter class schedule this semester and I am so enjoying that. And starting next week I will be babysitting a little guy just a month old for and hour or more each day while his mommy is taking Portuguese classes. I am quite excited about that. Emma didn't seem to mind him at all when they stopped in for a visit a couple days ago.

Scott is also taking care of the English service here at the school on Sundays. After he gets back from church where he is responsible for recording the Sunday message, he gets things all set up for the worship team ( we meet on Saturdays to practice) and then he also is preaching a lot of the Sundays. It is a special time. Even though we go to church in town, to have a time to worship God in our heart language and be challenged in specific areas that apply to our different life is very good.

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