Friday, January 18, 2008

So now

Well, I don't even know where to start. We had such a nice time with Charis. What a treat to have family visit and time to enjoy each other. She left last night and made it to JFK airport before she missed a flight (pretty good stat these days) and now she probably won't arrive at my parents until very late today, so that makes for a long trip.
Scott's folks arrived safely Wednesday, after 4 days of travel hassle, too long of a story to explain, some visa misunderstandings and then delays and missed flights. We are so glad they made it finally!!! They will be here for a couple weeks than travel around Brazil talking and working with Brazilian pastors who use the Chronological Bible Study called the road to Emmaus.

I, of course, have a horrible cold today, the usual let down after having a nice time with family, but it is busy and for some reason I seem to get the sick the minute the leave. Is it my form of coping with being home sick???
Scott has a million ( and I am not exaggerating) things to do these days, and I am not sure how he keeps them all straight. It is a good thing my schedule has lightened considerably. He has to make a ton of copies of all the sessions he filmed during the conference and try and get them to the people who ordered them. He has a number of prayer cards he is working on, people he saw at conference that he could take their picture and design it so they could approve it. He is very busy these days transfering audio tapes to CDs for missionaries, things they use in their ministry. Video tapes to DVD, and just making extra copies of things for people. It is crazy!!! And that isn't even his main job. Now he has Sunday services to prepare, and a Bible class he is teaching at the school. It is quite busy!!!! I think I will just stay home do laundry and cook, that keeps me busy especially since I still haven't gotten my washer fixed, maybe I will ask Scott's Dad??
And so it goes, nothing different, just the usual busy.

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