Friday, January 4, 2008

Prayer Requests

I know so many of you lift us up in prayer each day, and often, if you would continue and keeps these things in mind we would appreciate it.

Scott - starting a new class at school Bible for 7-8th grade and as he would like to possible move to a full time teaching job (Bible ) next year, along with smaller video projects.

Scott - to finish and get copied onto DVD the mission presentation, that many will purchase it (for about $2.00 ea copy) and use it. And for the Bible School presentation he is working on. I ordered him 200 blank DVD's but they didn't make it to Charis in time, so now he is scrounging to find enough good DVD's in town, there are so few, he found 25 but it won't be enough.

For our finances, we are down to 63% support, and with the low dollar, life is just gone from hard to almost impossible. But we know with God all things are possible, so we wait and see how he will provide as we go forward.

For conference this week. We will be busy trying to do all we can to serve the many missionaries here starting monday, it really isn't a break for us as much an opportunity to serve. I know Scott will be running full tilt to do all he can, prayer cards, personal presentations, and ministry clips, plus fill in on the sound booth. and then School starts on the 14th.

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Kris & Kendra Rickert said...

Kris does that kind of work too! I know he would love to see some of Scott's work and to partner with him in that somehow. Do you have anything posted on the internet? We need to get the guys connected, if nothing else, they can encourage each other.