Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back to the Mundane

Yes that is where we are at now. Even Tigey is enjoying life in the slow lane. I try and follow his lead, but it is really hard to go from running to sitting, so we are taking it a day at a time. I hope soon I can sit down for more than a half hour at a time without starting to feel like I should do something. But in the meantime you should see my floors!!!! They are really starting to shine. I have spent hours just scrubbing stains out of the tile, and I am getting a good workout while I am at it. It does make me less likely to want kids hanging out, so I am trying to find a balance.

The other day we took off with all the kids and went to the city. It was nice to get out of town. I think the last time we all went somewhere together was..... I can't even say. We took Emma and Laney to Brasilia when we picked up my sister, and Jonathan and Laney with Charis to a waterpark, but all 5 of us, it has been way to long. We took them to see a movie, Burger King and Walmart, how fun is that?? I forgot how nice it is to just be together as a family.

Emma enjoyed everthing, but the picture taking.

We also spent a day with daddy in Anapolis. While he was working, we visited with friends. It turned out to be a lot longer day then we plan, but everyone seemed to enjoy the day, and my house stayed clean. This is my summer plan, go away as much as possible, so that the house stays clean. Word of Life has a nice retreat center that is very inexpensive for missionaries to stay at. We have to go during the week as they have retreats running most weekends, but that is okay. We will try and get away for a few days in June. The nice thing is it's just 2 hours drive away and the reason we go there?? They have naturally hot water to fill the pools so it is fun to swim. Remember it is acutally winter down here and our summer it is usually too cool to swim, at least swim and enjoy it, as the water gets down right chilly this time of year. The sun can be bright and warm, but even the air is cool. We do love this time of year ( if you ignore the dust - we are already a month into dry season, only 4 or 5 to go and sometimes that means little to no rain the entire time ) the sky is clear blue and the air is nice and cool.

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