Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things I never mentioned about last week

In the midst of craziness a couple very strange things happened. The week before banquet Scott and I had finally gotten to bed. It was later than usual, after 11, he was working on printing the year book. Anyway, we had just fallen asleep when I heard "Call the police" - in Portuguese, being yelled in a paniced voice. The person was running and yelling this, and then we heard "Scott get out here now" - in English. And our brains were still fuzzy - it had been all of 5 seconds since it had begun and we were trying to figure out what was going on. The man who yelled for Scott was our neighbor ( who I am related to in a sister's is married to .... way) so we jump out of bed and Scott is trying to get dressed when we here "Scott get out here, and call Miles - the man resposible for these situations - and tell him to call the police I've got a man here". Scott gets dressed then tells me to call Miles and runs outside. I am shaking like a leaf - we have no clue what is going on outside - and I call our neighbor. "Call the police and tell Miles to come over to our house", I say then hang up.
Well come to find out the next day when we are all awake, was that a man, drunk, had stumpled onto our neighbor's porch, fallen asleep in their hammock, maybe tried to take it with him, and they heard him. Our neighbor jumps out of bed and charges after this guy, pins him down in our backyard, and this is where the story begins.
So that was our first bad night. Then the two nights following the banquet there were big concerts at the plaza downtown and they went on until 3. With the air clear and dry, the sound travels, so we couldn't get into a good sleep until it ended. The second night was worse cause the group couldn't sing, so we sat in bed wanting to cover our ears with our hands. Then at 5 am Monday morning someone walked through town ( it took about an hour ) and threw firecrackers into peoples yards and into the streets. You could hear the booms for a whole hour. GRRRRR Woke up my friends little kids, that started a bad day. Then on Thursday - they day of the graduation. THey did it AGAIN!!!! a whole hour 5 - 6 am with crackles and booms!!!! Incredible. So we were really sleep deprived by the end of the week. What I can't figure out is why no one stops these people, then come to find out it is the town's way of announcing the next up coming event. Fine, but 5 am???!!!!
Let's just say I am glad it is vacation!!!

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