Monday, May 12, 2008


40 years old and still cool!!!Do you think he likes being surprised??
my idea, a cake with a hill he is the truck headed down the other side, I am the nice car, not on the hill yet, or at least I want to think that :o)

Emma and Jonathan having fun together

don't you wish you were a cat??

My senior girls, really going to miss them. The one on the left, she is my favorite - don't tell the others. But that's mostly cause I have know her the longest. She was just Laney's age when we came almost 8 years ago!!! Her mom is my friend in the city near here where we use to live.

Laney's dress up party, very fun!!!

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Tracy said...

Scott looks like he was a good sport for his birthday party. Now that I'm at the same point as he is I don't find the black theme for 40th birthday so funny. A couple of years ago someone I work with turned 40 and they decorated her office in a pink, new baby theme, like they were celebrating the birth of a baby girl. I thought it was AWESOME! It was cheery and not depressing at all.

If anyone buys me an over the hill cane they will get smacked with it until it's deflated!!! :) And don't even consider getting me a real cane either! That will hurt you much more than it will me when I smack you with it. :) So, yes, Scott = good sport.