Sunday, May 18, 2008

Banquet, a grand success

So the secret is out, it is a castle!!! The entrance was quite dramatic, but I forgot to get a picture. I will try and get one today. We had the moat, and drawbridge and everything. If you look in the right of this photo you will even see the stocks. Lots of fun pictures were made with people in those!!! The portraits in front were of each of the seniors done by a German man that attends the home church of our German family here - they head to the Amazon next month, Portuguese study behind them, we will miss them and their kids immensely. Lisa their oldest stays she will be a Senior next year and wants to finish with her class. The rest will attend at the boarding school on the Amazon.
The highlight of the evening. Our roasted big. Marcy our cook did a wonderful job on everything!!! We ordered Roasted Chicken from down town, the rest she did. We had a salad bar, fried onion rings and loaded fries, Dark Brown earthy bread served on wooden cutting boards, then pig and chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and peas for the main course, and Eclair Cake - the Randolph's favorite dessert!- for the finishing touch. BJ our jester served the pig. Of course, the king, our only guy who is a Senior had first pick of the pig. I think BJ's only wish he didn't get was making everyone eat with thier fingers!!!

It really was fun, watching them enjoy this lovely animal.

I was amazed how well the carved almost all the meat out to our 80 guests.

We had some jousting tournaments, even Scott got into the competition. But as you can see his bear (red beany bear) was knocked of his shoulder, by our friendly jester

Here is one of our Seniors posing with the darts. Another highlight of the evening. Most everyone at some point in the evening enjoyed a friendly game - or as friendly as one can be with dangerous weapons in their hands.
The juniors worked hard, and made all their dreams come true. It was a lovely evening. I think all who attended really enjoyed the night. Scott wrote a story using the names of the princesses, and king in it and added locals to it. Mr. Whipcracker, ( he made the sound of a whip) and Mr. Smoothover ( he said lets all be friends), animals that made sounds (clodhopper the horse- whinnied) the king and princesses had things to say, too when their names were read, it was quite the laugh. Scott told his story with his best fake British accent, wish you could have been there!!!
I can say I am so glad it is done. We still have to take it all a part, but no great rush. We will have it down by Thursday night - Graduation.

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