Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Busy Day!!!

When it is 9 pm and my bed isn't made, and no dishes have been washed for the whole day, I know it was a killer!!! I started the day with coffee, of course. Then went to turn on my computer. Well, it decided today to pull one of those " I am not in the mood" things so it was a half hour and a little gentle thumping (we have to get this thing fixed - some loose wire ) before it kicked in. I finally got that cup of coffee at 7:30 then proceeded to see what next I needed to do. I had the play tonight, and also my home ec class was going to have on display their sewing projects. So we should probably finish those bears. I also needed to get together all the short stories my English students had read and get them into their plastic slip cover to put on display for the open house.
It is 8 now and I am putting on heads and sewing an ear ( we lost one) hot gluing ears on, and sewing a couple scarves.
8:30 I run off to where the huge base garage sale is and quickly pass messages on, come over girls and finish your bears. Hey kids, practice at 12:30, high schoolers, choir at 2:00. Then back to the house to get my little baby (Hudson - he is leaving in two weeks, and I don't want to miss him if I don't have to)
9:00 some giggle time with Hudson then put him down for a nap, time for breakfast, then,back to the bears, and stories.
10:00 off with Hudson to pass to his Daddy and meet Karla at the Chapel to get the stage set up for tonights play.
11:30 we are done, run home get ready for lunch, off to the Cafeteria for lunch, so glad someone else is feeding us today.
12:30 we start practice, only 2 kids are missing, oh, they are having a barbeque??? I don't care, they have to be here now!!!
1:30 we let some leave early after running through the songs and play once (first time with all the props and set )
2:00 choir time, half of the people are here, run call, now we are ready, so we sang for 20 minutes, and just one more practice to go on GRad day, and then we sing on the BIG night!!!
2:30 back home, sit down for 5 then try and clean up a bit (and I mean like one room - the first room people see )
3:00 the girls show up to sew their bears shut, and chat about the week, it was nice to have a little more time with them.
4:00 they are on their way, I sit down, then get up, sit down then get up.
5:00 time to get ready, try and find an outfit, can find that shirt, don't like that look, finally decide on what to wear get Emma dressed, and hair brushed
5:25 off to the chapel. Everyone is there on time, we got started on our last run through.
6:30 almost time, we are ready, set go.
it was perfect!!! Everyone did a great job, and Scott captured it all on film.
8:00 after receiving my roses, (thanks kids) and saying thanks to everyone I head home - it is locked, go next door call Scott he comes over, "NO Keys"!!! Where are the keys, check all around the house and car, walk to the Chapel looking on the ground, try to break in the front door and finally at 8:30 we find a window that isn't latched well, and in we go. (Jonathan had the keys with him - Daddy told him to put them in his pocket!!! )
And I didn't even tell you what Scott was doing today - a run to the city for more ink - left by 7:30 back by 11:30 with ink, and busy printing all afternoon, but stopped to come for choir practice. Then off to buy roses, film play and he is back at the office printing away!!! Friday, come soon!!!!!
Thanks for your prayers, it was a busy day, but really special, and I had lots of help and enjoyed the time I spent with so many people. Thanks for reading about this day, I just had to write it down or I wouldn't even know what happened!!!

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