Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pictures again

Here is Laney's birthday pictures that were on Scott's camera, I finally got them on my computer so I could upload them. That cake isn't the prettiest cake, but boy was it gooooood!! Coconut with coconut cream filling!!!
What a beautiful girl!!! And Emma (who hates the camera will pose if it means she gets to be like Laney)

Anika, Laney's friend at school here. They have lots of fun together. I am glad she still likes to play dolls and house, those days I am sure are going to be gone very soon. Anika is one of the girls that is often at our house.

Jonathan on his first time around the land ( only 5 more laps to go to finish the 5 k. He jogged it and almost broke the record, next year, we will actually practice for the race)

Here he is at the end, just a bit tired...

Soccer , and what a game! He scored all 4 of his teams goals, and the barely lost.
But boy does he not like losing, took him all day to get over it!!!
Laney's PE teacher graduated. She is really going to miss Elena. They were becoming good buddies. At least she will be around a couple months this summer before she heads to College.

Laney and Jessica pose for a picture with their teacher.
I can't believe the year is done. We were pretty tired by the end. But it is fun. I guess I will write more later, I still need to find some pictures from the kids play (Horton Hears a Who) So you will have to wait, too

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